Look around and you’ll see and smell flowers in bloom, folks brightening up their wardrobe, people spending more time outdoors, and today, lots of folks getting ready to celebrate the Easter holiday.

It’s turned out to be one of those days. A “just because” day. Today, I felt like indulging in a sweet treat for no reason. I feel like being good to myself for no other reason than to be good to myself. No guilt, no regret, no shame, no “I’m gonna need to burn this off when I workout tomorrow”. None. Of. That.

A new, local bakery opened up near-ish me and with this Friday off, Toby and I decided to make our way there for coffee and a sandwich. Then I came across the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week and it was too beautiful not to eat, which is weird, because it’s almost too beautiful to eat! Anyway, behold the macaron cake! It’s filled with cream, fresh raspberries, rhubarb “jelly” (that word does not do it justice but it’s the best way to describe it), infused with notes of elderflower.

Special occasions be damned. It’s Friday. I’m feeling good. What are your special treats? What do you like to indulge in?

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